Our Story

Every human aspires for growth. So does every enterprise, irrespective of its size. We are fortunate to live at times where both human and enterprises can harness the power of Digital technologies to power exponential growth.

Today, even the smallest company in the town can take on the biggies with the superpower of Digital.

But Digital means change . Change brings in fear. Fear of complexity and uncertainty. Terms such as IoT, AI, RPA, Blockchain sound so esoteric to many who want to embrace change but hesitant to take the first step.


Intelgic’s singular mission is to democratize Digital. Our mission is to be a trusted partner of enterprises who love growth but fear Digital. We define our success in the way we make digital relevant, useful , easy for our partners.

Our goal is to build the most lovable version of your business for your customer with Digital. Our business is unleash the greatest potential of your business. Digitally. Our dream is to paint the world Digital . Let the color be Intelgic.

Start. Start here. Start now. Start today. Start happy. With us.


Organizations are rapidly adopting digital workers for all kind of repetitive tasks across the departments. We believe, robots will be working together with humans seamlessly in every office in the world. Digital Workers will change the way we work today. We want to become a leading player in Digital Workforce manufacturing sector.


  • 1. Be transparent and ethical

  • 2. Innovation for good purpose

  • 3. Learning for good reason

Social Cause

Each day our planet is losing thousands of trees for humans. It’s our responsibility to give these natural resources back to the planet. We plant a tree each time we get a new customer and a portion of revenue generated from the customer is used for the plantation and maintenance of the tree.

We proudly say that, each of our customers donate a tree to this planet.

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